2014 Distinguished RWTH Lecturers

  The RWTH Lecturers 2014 Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Professor Doris Klee, Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development at RWTH Aachen (right), hands out the awards. Professor Aloys Krieg, Vice-Rector for Teaching (left), congratulates the RWTH Lecturers at Talk Lehre 2014.


In order to recognize their outstanding achievement in teaching and learning, the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, Professor Doris Klee, presented the faculty members below with the honorary title of “RWTH Lecturer.” The award ceremony took place during the Talk Lehre event on July 2, 2014.

RWTH Lecturers 2014

Dr. Wolfgang Bettray

Institute of Organic Chemistry
PD Dr. Christina Haubrich Department of Neurology
Dr. Severin Jakobs Institute for the Theory of Statistical Physics
Dr. Hans-Jürgen Koß Institute of Technical Thermodynamics
PD Denis Music, Ph.D. Chair of Materials Chemistry
Dr. Jaan-Willem Simon Institute of Applied Mechanics
Dr. Saša Sopka Department of Anesthesiology
PD Dr. Sven-Knut Strasen Department of English, American and Romance Intercultural Studies
Dr. Dirk Thißen Chair of Communication & Distributed Systems