RWTH Lecturers


The title of RWTH Lecturer is an honor for distinguished researchers from the group of non-professorial academic staff who stand out for their extraordinary teaching and research activities. The target group for this award are senior scientists with a doctorate who have at least five years’ teaching experience.

The call will be announced to members of the target group by email and will also be published on this page. Applications are to be submitted online via the ERS Portal.

RWTH Lecturers are nominated internally by the members of the selection committee and submitted to the Rectorate for approval.

In 2020, the title was awarded to Dr. Wenwen Song and Dr. Stefan Bedbur.

Doris Klee, vice-rector for human resources management and development, is in charge of the RWTH Lecturer program. Management tasks include preparing, approving, and evaluating the calls, as well as quality assurance activities.

The selection panel for the award of the RWTH Lecturer title is made up of Professor Klee and the members of the ETS selection committee.