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In its three business areas “Software Solutions,” “Technology Consulting,” and “Production Systems,” Conbility GmbH provides holistic solutions for the manufacturing industry. The objective of the company is to turn the the world’s best ideas into reality in an economically viable way. The portfolio includes the analysis of customers’ ideas for new products, for example in conducting market, technology, or benchmark studies; advising on suitable materials and production technologies; the development and implementation of prototypes; the selection of production equipment; and the development of special machines. In this holistic process, the company’s OPLYSIS® process costing software is being used throughout.

The software is also one of the core products of the company. It enables customers to model complex production process chains that are cost-optimized and provides information on costs, cycle times, production capacity, and the effects of production scale-up, among others. OPLYSIS is being used in all industry sectors, regardless of product, process, or company size.

In addition, the company offers a broad range of consulting services, including production audits, process cost analyses, and process optimization.


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