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talpasolutions a predictive SaaS analytics provider for the mining industry that helps companies optimize machine performance, reduce breakdowns, and improve safety by making data more understandable. talpasolutions makes it possible for operators and machine manufacturers in heavy industry to use machine data that would have otherwise been lost.

talpasolutions concentrates on building visualization and analysis applications for the industrial internet. In the first step, large amounts of data from the machines are recorded. Comprehendable visualizations allow for different stakeholders to understand relationships based on sensor data and contextual data and to react to critical information, which would otherwise have been buried in the data transfer. In the second step the newest predictive models are applied to eliminate events such as errors and the breakdown of machines critical to the process. This increases not only the availability but also the workload of the machines.

talpasolutions has built a network out of industry partners to develop solutions that stretch across various sectors and unify industry experience, data science, and workflow connectivity. Using predictive instructions our platform recognizes problems before they occur and supports users with workflow-based processes. Our applications make it possible to collect performance data from machines in order to recommend optimal fleet combinations for respective scenarios to customers. This leads to more operating hours, higher efficiency, and an improved lifetime value of the machines.


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