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nevisQ develops an intelligent infrared sensor system that makes it possible to analyze discrete rooms. Particularly people and objects can be detected and their activities can be interpreted through the use of the technology and machine-learning algorithms. This technology is patent pending throughout Europe.

This sensor system is used in the area of in-patient care, such as in nursing and retirement homes, to automatically recognize when patients fall and to prevent this from happening.

Aside from mental and physical effects on the patient, falls also result in high costs for the care facility and increased care after the fall.

nevisQ supports caretakes by recognizing falls and dangerous situations in realtime without the the patient needing to wear something or making an emergency call themselves.

Similar to a sensor mat, the technology can also notify a caretaker when a patient gets up in the middle of the night and automatically turn the light on in the room so that the patient can orient themselves.

In addition to realtime supervision, nevisQ also recognizes deviations in one's personal routine, such as a drop in activity or an increase in time spent in bed. By notifying the caretakers, preventative measures can be initiated such as installing hip protectors or introduction physical therapy measures.


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