ENLYZE offers industrial customers a one-stop-shop solution to improve their production output as a SaaS service. The company’s focus is on reducing scraps and improving the utilization of production capacities.

ENLYZE uses its own hardware as well as a cloud-based software for this purpose. A wide range of AI algorithms are used for data analysis, which ultimately provide interpretable recommendations for the machine operators. The data basis is provided by machine parameters that are registered by the plant control system, as well as high-resolution current signals, which are recorded by proprietary sensors.

ENLYZE's solution enables quality assurance to be integrated into the production process from a statistical final inspection (after completion of production) to live quality assurance. Ongoing production processes are not monitored or optimized for their manufacturing quality in line with current technical standards. As a rule, the first quality check is carried out on the final product, which generally results in significant delays in production. It is hard to draw conclusions and propose improvements in the production process at such a late stage.

Thanks to ENLYZE’s solution, quality problems and their causes are immediately apparent, so their clients can take countermeasures at an early stage and thereby prevent scraps. Quality control can therefore be shifted from the final check to the production process, which can be optimized while in operation.