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Kerith provides companies with AI-based software to automatically develop and monitor their energy strategies to achieve sustainability goals and to reduce energy outages, financial risks, and energy costs. Currently, these issues are being addressed in long-term projects by external consultancies or internal teams that end up submitting long reports as strategic advice for the next 20 years.

Since the beginning of 2022 at the latest, it has been clear that such a static approach is inadequate, as many of the original assumptions, for example regarding gas prices, are no longer valid. The energy sector will become even more unpredictable due to scarcity of resources, CO2 taxes, changing interest rates, etc. Companies therefore need a digital twin of their energy-intensive and energy-sensitive sites in order to be able to dynamically adapt their strategic plans to an increasingly unpredictable energy sector.

Kerith offers an intuitive tool that company employees and external consultants can access via their web browser. Companies set up the system, including a digital twin of their energy infrastructure, to make the status quo more transparent and computable. Based on an up-to-date database, they are notified when the underlying assumptions of a strategy change and receive decision-making support for revised strategies.