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nPro Energy offers a web-based, user-friendly software tool for planning and designing energy systems for buildings and neighborhoods as a software-as-a-service. The software is ideally suited for the early planning phase and assists in the creation of energy concepts and feasibility studies, economic feasibility analyses, and specialized planning. Users of the software include municipal utilities, energy supply and energy consulting companies, and planning offices.

The nPro planning software includes an innovative optimization algorithm for dimensioning sector-coupled energy supply systems with renewable energies, heat pumps, hydrogen technologies and seasonal storage. In addition, with the help of a load profile generator and a building database, customized demand profiles for space heating, domestic hot water, cooling, electricity and electromobility can be created for buildings and neighborhoods with just a few clicks. Functions for the simulation and design of heating networks as well as cold local heating networks (anergy networks) make nPro the ideal tool for neighborhood planners.

The nPro software also simplifies collaboration among planners by allowing projects to be shared with other users, thus enabling efficient development of buildings and neighborhoods across departments. The software is available free of charge to members of colleges and universities. Just a few months after its launch, nPro was used by more than 100 users in over 20 countries worldwide.