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CellEQ develops measuring instruments for the analysis of reactive plastics. The focus of the equipment is on realistically reproducing the processing, usage and manufacturing conditions of plastics down to the last detail.

The company is tackling a major challenge in digitized production, simulation, process, and material optimization: The usability and quality of the available data will be raised to a higher level. The sometimes necessary and quite typical simplifications in the analysis of plastic processes and materials can now be eliminated thanks to the novel technologies offered by CellEQ.

In order to achieve its goals, the cellEQ team, consisting of RWTH graduates, follows an approach that is as simple as it is effective – all process steps, plant components, and environmental conditions are taken into account in the material analysis. For this purpose, the measuring instruments are customized and constructed from modular individual components. Individual questions of medium-sized processing companies are answered as well as the challenges of large corporations in material development. In particular, new variants for manufacturing processes can be tested efficiently without production losses and rejects. This also includes environmentally friendly, recyclable, or bio-based plastics, which have a shorter market introduction due to the improved analysis and can be used as drop-in solutions.