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senseering GmbH is developing a blockchain-based data monetization platform. This platform, known as DatenAtlas, is a data marketplace for the cross-industry, cross-purpose trading of data as well as the AI-based data services associated with it. It promises clients the power to harness and exploit their data thematically and financially while releasing undiscovered innovative power.

Cross-silo data trading and subsequent aggregation create a digital value chain. Participating companies receive a corresponding monetary incentive for the release of data. If this data is enriched by a third party, companies can repurchase the value-added data as a one-off or as a service. To protect the trade from espionage, the Data Atlas is based on a decentralized, block-chain-supported Edge-AI architecture. This ensures that the data remains within the company's own network. In addition, block-chain technology allows the data originator and the digital value-added chain to be seamlessly and confidentially traced.

The company serves as an end-to-end system provider. Using traditional services, the Edge-AI architecture is implemented with the client or data services are developed. The value of the services is calculated using daily rates. In addition, senseering GmbH is a platform operator in marketplace activities via pay-per-x or subscription models.