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Carbon Minds is a data analytics company focused on environmental sustainability in the chemical industry. Rooted in RWTH Aachen University, the company has grown to provide some of the world’s largest corporations with solutions for lowering their environmental impacts associated with production and use of chemicals. With its environmental life-cycle data and established model of the global chemical industry, Carbon Minds goes a layer deeper than national level data on environmental impacts. Its data represents individual chemical production facilities, so Carbon Minds can provide not only national average data, but also supplier-specific environmental impacts for more than 2,000 chemical producers. The resulting database for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is as geographically specific as it is comprehensive, with data for 1,000 chemicals and 200 regions. With this life-cycle data, partners and customers can make their current environmental impact assessments more representative.

Additionally, Carbon Minds performs analyses and provides consultancy on sustainability transition scenarios by combining data with proprietary novel optimization approaches to identify cost-efficient transition pathways, ranging from individual integrated production sites to strategic choices for the entire industry. The data provides consistent and specific evidence to support the understanding of how to reduce future environmental impacts of the chemical industry. With Carbon Minds’ data in hand, partners and customers in industry and governments can direct a confident transition to sustainability.