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FibreCoat GmbH uses a highly productive and patented spinning technology for the production of inexpensive high-performance composite fibers. The glass fibers with polymer cladding and basalt fibers with aluminum cladding produced in this way are offered at the lower end of the usual price range or significantly below it despite the leap in quality to the state of the art.

The coating technology developed at RWTH Aachen University allows FibreCoat GmbH to create a single filament coating of fibers in the manufacturing process. This results in a production speed of more than 1,500 m/min and a completely homogeneous coating. The material is then a finished semi-finished product for component production and can be processed to final components for e.g. electric vehicles in just a few steps. When it comes to fiber composites, costs and weight can be saved, making mobility more sustainable. For applications in electromagnetic shielding and electrical and thermal conduction, costs can be reduced by a factor of 10. This makes current products affordable and opens up completely new possibilities.

FibreCoat is convinced that continuous innovation in the basis of the economy, namely material sciences, has the potential to sustainably improve our environment, society, and life. That is why the company produces sustainable, accessible, and affordable materials for the planet and beyond in its quest for innovation.