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Incoretex GmbH offers holistic sensor solutions for the digitalization of surfaces as a technology platform. The modular Incoretex technology platform consists of an ultra-thin (< 0.6 mm), high-resolution (> 1.5 million pressure sensors per square meter), flexible, customizable, and cost-effective sensor, miniaturized evaluation electronics and analysis, and evaluation software based on artificial intelligence. In cooperation with renowned partners and globally operating customers, the Incoretex platform is adapted to customer-specific applications and integrated into the respective products, thus offering clients a full-service solution for building digital products in the IOT and industrial IOT sector. This enables the company to jointly realize attractive new business models and open up new markets.

Incoretex GmbH was founded as a spin-off from RWTH in February 2019, with the technology platform already being used in various products of globally operating customers in 2020. It serves clients including Deichmann SE and Deutsche Bahn AG. The technological side of the Incoretex platform is continuously being developed further and supplemented by new application areas. For example, Incoretex is currently working with other leading multinational partners on products from the smart home sector, among others, which will also be available for private clients in the near future.