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Geological modeling is the first member of a multitude of value chains: Whether in the extraction of raw materials, in geotechnical engineering or geothermal energy, geological models form the basis for critical decision making, but are characterized by high uncertainties and a constantly changing state of information. Nevertheless, the workflows used so far are mostly static, fragmented and opaque. Therefore, Terranigma's mission is to redefine these processes by introducing the novel concept of the "living geomodel".

In Terranigma's upcoming cloud solution "Liquid Earth", not one, but many possible model solutions and interpretations can be considered in parallel and dynamically updated given new data. Using this, teams will be able to work collaboratively, digitally connected, and supported by the latest AI technologies – anywhere, anytime, on any device, and even in interactive VR and AR. "Liquid Earth" will make geomodeling flexible and transparent, and will shed light on critical uncertainties so that experts can make well-informed decisions in less time.

Terranigma is a spin-off of the CGRE Institute at the RWTH Aachen University, which is at the forefront of scientific research in geological modeling and probabilistic machine learning. The Terranigma team aims to integrate these scientific insights in real-world applications, bringing geomodeling to life.