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TorqueWerk GmbH develops, manufactures, and distributes industrial segment electric motors. The motors can be used as novel direct drives or can replace existing gear motors as well as PM torque motors. The concept of segmenting efficient synchronous reluctance motors offers a unique solution to the existing problems of power size scalability, variant complexity, and system integration of electric drives. The flat design is suitable for integration into all application machines across the field of mechanical engineering.

Thanks to a modular construction kit system, especially small and medium-sized machine manufacturers can benefit from new possibilities of individualization from standardized built-in electric motors to their own customized special motors. All customer solutions benefit from the common parts concept across several sizes. The main product is the modular motor. In contrast to the major competitors, the product placement based on a magnet-free electric machine is not in the area of so-called standard motors, but in the area for high torque applications and in the area of high speed drives for e.g. spindles, fans, or pumps. The product business is supplemented with development services and a licensing concept, consequently, a complete turnkey drive solution can be offered.