ANTICIPATE was established in 2021 as a spin-off from the demo factory of the Digital Capability Center Aachen and develops AI-based software solutions for the manufacturing industry. The end-to-end solutions of the Aachen-based startup make it possible to use artificial intelligence methods in the areas of quality assurance, maintenance, assembly, and safety.

Today, around 10 software and AI experts at ANTICIPATE are seeking to make AI technologies more transparent, reliable, and easier to use for companies worldwide. The product is an engineering tool that makes it possible to implement AI solutions without programming skills within days instead of months. The tool can be used to implement various use cases for the manufacturing industry such as quality inspection, assembly monitoring, and work safety recognition. This reduces errors, scrap, and accidents while increasing variant flexibility and throughput.

AI has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry. However, due to the massive shortage of skilled workers, there is hardly any access to this technology for most companies. ANTICIPATE's mission is to make AI applications more easily accessible for the entire manufacturing industry. The first users of ANTICIPATE’s cross-industry software solutions are from the textile, automotive, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors. In addition to software, ANTICIPATE also offers training and consulting services on the use of artificial intelligence in production.