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Hermetia Tech recycles industrial food waste into high-quality insect protein. In the food processing industry, around 17 million tons of food end up in the garbage throughout the EU. Hermetia Tech uses the biotechnology of the black soldier fly to return the food to the material cycle. The undemanding insect is able to recycle almost any organic residue and subsequently serves as natural feed for farm animals. Thus, recycling food scraps reduces soy and fish meal imports, bioresources with devastating environmental impacts.

This use of the insect has so far been uneconomical in high-wage countries. The complex biological process required extensive human supervision; expensive automation required high investments. The production technology and intelligent control software developed by Hermetia Tech reduce investment and operating costs to a minimum. The small-scale systems can utilize food scraps at the point of origin. This eliminates transportation and disposal costs for the food industry. At the same time, a sustainable feed alternative is obtained.