Babysitting Network



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The Family Services Center has a large database of experienced babysitters. To be accepted on our database, babysitters have to provide a further certificate of good conduct. They also have the chance to take part in regular further training offered by the Family Services Center. You can find babysitters to look after children of all ages during the week or on the weekend.

RWTH employees and students who are looking for a private babysitter for their child can use the babysitter network.


Babysitting Requests

Request a babysitter directly via the Babysitting Request form.

The information on the form will be forwarded to the Family Services Center's babysitting mailing list, where selected babysitters are registered. They will automatically receive your request with your contact details by email. Babysitters can then contact you directly by email if they are available. This service merely offers possible contacts, all other details regarding babysitting, including financial questions, must be discussed with the babysitter directly. The Family Services Center unfortunately cannot guarantee that you will find a babysitter.

If you do not receive any replies or you experience any difficulties, please contact the Family Services Center. Please support this service by giving us your feedback.

You can find information on registering a mini job and insurance coverage for private childcare, as well as a checklist for babysitters in the External Links and Download boxes below.

You may only use the Family Services Center's babysitting network with your TIM to send babysitting requests for your children. Any misappropriate use will be sanctioned.


Applying to Be a Babysitter

If you are at least 18 years of age and are interested in joining the babysitting mailing list and database, we would invite you to fill out the Babysitting Application. We will then contact you in due course to arrange an appointment with you. You can only be included on the babysitting database once we have met you in person. During the appointment, we will discuss the next stages with you, as well as your availability, and any queries you may have. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Feedback on Babysitting and Network

Please support us by giving your feedback via the feedback form for parents and babysitters.