Brigitte Gilles Prize 2009


2009 Winners

Respective nominations in both the RWTH Aachen internal call and the external call could be take into consideration, as in the past two years. The Gymnasium Zitadelle in Jülich was distinguished for the project "Tutor Program for Girls (6 grade) by Girls (10 grade) in the Natural Sciences", headed by Ellen Vomberg. Within the university, Prof. Christine Roll, Head of the University Archive, received an award for her continued efforts in addressing and linking future female researchers to RWTH Aachen. The awards, each endowed with 2500 Euros, were handed out during the event "RWTHtransparent – Mobilising People" on January 29, 2010.

Call for School and University Projects

The call for nominations for the Brigitte Gilles Prize 2010, named after RWTH Aachen's first Representative for Women, took place in two lines: Projects at schools, comprehensive schools, and vocational schools from the Aachen city region and surrounding area should be recognized, that contribute to the awakening and promotion of female school students' interest in the natural sciences and technology starting in fifth grade and up. University projects should correspondingly be honored, that put forth active effort to address young female students and researchers and thus bring out main points.

  Gymnasium Zitadell winner of the Brigitte Gilles Prize 2009 Copyright: © Gymnasium Zitadelle

Girls' Day at Gymnasium Zitadelle in Jülich

The idea for the tutoring program at Gymnasium Zitadelle orginated from Girls' Days 2009: The physics and chemistry differentiation course in the night grade organized their own Girls' Day for girls in grades five and six. With the motto "physics is everywhere", the girls could carry out selected trials and experiments, that were prepared by the female students in the higher grade beforehand. A tutoring program, put together independently by the female tenth graders, developed from younger students' enthusaism. The program concept contains six measures, including participation in the RWTH Aachem mentoring program TANDEMkids. The jury particularly distinguished the sustainability of the tutoring program during the decision process. The upcoming generation of tutors has committed itself to carrying out the measures. Simultaneously the old tutors are supported in teaching the STEM subjects.

  RWTH University Archives winner of Gilles Prize 2010 Copyright: © RWTH Aachen University Archives

Women's Careers – Yesterday and Today

According to the jury, the Head of the University Archives, Prof. Christine Roll, deserved merit for her diverse activities surrounding the 100 year anniversary celebration for women's studies at RWTH Aachen to promote talented female researchers. Within the framework of the celebration, the University Archives put together an exhibit that showed how women's research careers developed and changed over the past 100 years. In addition to the exhibit and a panel discussion that included prestigious female researchers, female school students had the opportunity to meet these successful researchers, understand career planning, and develop their own professional goals in academics and research. The prize money should applied to a sustainable purpose, in that results from the exhibits and discussions, particularly those that arose from the 100 year anniversary for women's studies at RWTH Aachen, are publicized in an RWTH Aachen publication.