Brigitte Gilles Prize 2013



Anja Wehrle



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  Female pupils from Einhard Gynasium Copyright: © Marion Käppler

During the RWTHtransparent event at the end of January, the award winners from the 2013 call accepted their prize of 2500 Euros each. Outside of the university schools from the Aachen city region and beyond were asked to nominate projects that contribute to awakening and promoting female pupils' interest in the STEM subjects, that is science, technology, computer science, and mathematics. Within the university focus was placed on projects that focus on innovative teacher training and thus aim at promoting girls in the STEM subjects.

Einhard Gymansium took first place among the schools with its project "Mädchen lernen MINTeinander" under the direction of Marion Käppler. This project contained a number of measures and project days anchored in everyday school days. The Gymnasium showed a broad spectrum and great diversity in the STEM field. Particular attention should be given to the innovative ideas "Pimp my bike" and the "Dombau-Project," that guide interested girls towards the STEM field.

  Vice-Rector Doris Klee hands out the award Copyright: © Martin Lux

The measure MINT-L4@RWTH, that is MINT teachers learn for life at RWTH Aachen, won first place within the university. This MINT subject-didactic competence center was founded at the end of 2012 and officially opened June 2013. Different, closely coordinated initiatives from subject experts in Faculty 1 are dedicated to the acquisition of suitable teacher training students, their excellent training and mentoring at RWTH Aachen, and the continued education of active MINT teachers. Additionally, the lecturers active in the competence center provide their skills to didactically shape RWTH services such as bridge courses or courses at the beginning of studies. Professors Heinke and Heitzer accepted the prize for the team from Vice-Rector Klee during RWTHtransparent.