Equal Opportunity Career Paths


The project "Equal Opportunity Career Paths" aims to demonstrate different ways of equally sharing family work and gainful employment.


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2015 to 2018


Female Professors Program of Federal and State Governments (Professorinnenprogramm des Bundes und der Länder)

Target Groups

Female students, doctoral candidates, and employees and management personnel


The Project

The majority of women are employed full time before starting a family. As soon as children arrive, however, many women put their own personal and professional goals behind those of their partner, are unemployed or only employed part time, and assume the majority of the household and family work.

However this distribution often does not reflect what women imagine for themselves – and increasingly also not what men imagine for themselves either.

The project Equal Opportunity Career Paths aims to reveal new paths for distributing and sharing work between partners and to move past the traditional breadwinner or supplemental earner model.

Female students and doctoral candidates have the opportunity to address this topic, plan their careers, and pursue and communicate their own ideas and goals in workshops and advising sessions. Furthermore, they learn how to hold their ground and assert themselves in male dominated sectors. So far we have offered events on the topics of repartee, salary negotiations, women and finances, networking, and work-life balance with respect to family work and gainful employment.

Within the framework of the project university employees and supervisors are informed about alternative working formats and working time models that allow for equal opportunity career paths.

The project is funded by the Professorinnenprogram of the federal and state governments.

You can view the final report here (de).