Equal Opportunity Career Paths

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Valerie Hartmann

Deputy Project Management


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October 2019 to October 2026


Universities of Excellence Initiative


The Project

The Equal Career Paths Project focuses on the structural hurdles for early-career researchers. The crucial qualification phase toward a professorship often coincides with the life stage where these early-career researchers are looking to start a family, a further challenge. In addition to numerous caring responsibilities, women also predominantly carry the mental load in the family, further widening the divide between partners and genders. Among other things, the project shows how a partnership-based distribution of care responsibilities can be negotiated and what this could look like. An intersectional approach is adopted as far as possible.

Furthermore, the project offers targeted training and information events on further qualification and career planning. Gender-specific differences in the perception of, for example, leadership skills and the power of stereotyped roles are addressed. Knowledge of how these often unconscious prejudices can be counteracted will be shared.

Students, doctoral candidates, postdocs, and all members of staff and leaders at the University are offered the opportunity to look at the topic of starting a family in workshops and consultations, to plan their careers, to pursue their own ideas and goals, and to communicate and negotiate.

This project is a continuation of the Equal Career Paths project, which was part of the German Women Professors' Program II.