Career Promotion and Networking of Young Women Researchers


From Undergraduate to Postdoc


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Kaja Köhnle

Project Coordinator, Equal Opportunities Advisor


+49 241 80 96569




December 2020 until September 2024


Female Professors Program III

The Project

The goal of the Career Promotion and Networking of Young Women Researchers project is to increase equal opportunities at RWTH Aachen University. Women are still significantly underrepresented in all status groups of academic careers at RWTH. By promoting networking among the status groups, women are to be strengthened and supported in their career opportunities.

The project focuses on the transitional phases between the different career stages: the transition between Bachelor's and Master's, Master's and doctorate, and doctorate and habilitation or postdoc phase. The loss of qualified women in these phases is also known as the "leaky pipeline". The project aims to counteract this effect through workshops, lectures, and coaching.

Intersectional topics also feature in this project. Therefore, in the course of the project, we would like to deal with the topics of socio-cultural origin and prevailing body norms, among others. This is intended to show how different features of discrimination can interact and influence the educational success of young women researchers.

Networks convey information, provide feedback, and help visibility. As social capital, they are an important success factor for career progression. There are a large number of interesting networks at RWTH Aachen University. We have compiled an overview for you here. Perhaps there is a network that appeals to you and in which you would like to participate. Or would you like to start a new network?

Faculty-Specific Career Offers and Networks Focused on Gender

Cross-Faculty Career Offers and Networks Focused on Gender and Diversity