Student Anti-Discrimination Contact Center


Our Contact Point for Equal Opportunities and LGBTQIA+ acts as an initial consultation and supports and advises all students of RWTH Aachen University on equality-related issues. The counselling services cover all forms of discrimination and discrimination. Our advice is strictly confidential. Any steps will only be taken by arrangement.

We particularly focus on preventing sexual violence and harassment as well as providing advice to the victims of such conduct. In doing so, we wish to help others to raising awareness of and reflecting upon their own conduct. In addition, it is our concern to actively promote equality measures that are directed against disadvantages and discrimination because of religion, ethnic or social origin and disability.

By creating a positive environment for the LGBTQIA+ students, we seek to protect them better from discrimination and break down any inequalities that may exist. To achieve this, a study and work environment must be created that is oriented towards equality, that is free from discrimination and that is LGBTQIA+ friendly. The advice that our Contact Center can provide concerns any and all forms of disadvantage and discrimination due to gender or sexual identity that may also be outside the boundaries of the binary gender spectrum.

Have you experienced discrimination or racism during your course of study or have you noticed such occurrences taking place in the university environment? Have you been the victim of queer discrimination or do you see yourself as a SOFFA (Significant Other, Friends, Family and Allies)? Do you have any ideas that may help us achieve our goals? If so, do not hesitate to contact us!