Advising, Prevention, and Awareness



RWTH’s Equal Opportunities Office is committed to promoting a fair working environment, upholding equal treatment and anti-discrimination as defined in the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), and adhering to the State Equal Opportunities Act – LGG.

Our advisory service is provided by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer and it is available to all RWTH employees and students. Students can also contact the Student Anti-Discrimination Contact Center.

All the information discussed in the consultation with us will be dealt with in a strictly confidential, professional, and independent manner. We employ an intersectional approach, and we view ourselves as being your first point of contact for any and all matters concerning the various forms of discrimination and the reasons that it sometimes occurs.  Any further steps will only be taken with your consent. If necessary, we will arrange further assistance or advice for you and we will also support you if you choose to lodge an official complaint.

Time and Place

The confidential consultation will take place at the Equal Opportunities Office at Schinkelstraße 2a. Appointments are available via the telephone, via e-mail, via Microsoft Teams/Zoom or in person.

Please arrange an appointment with us by phone or by email. When stating your appointment preference, please enter an email address or phone number we can contact you on discreetly.


Prevention and Awareness

RWTH’s Equal Opportunities Office strives to prevent sexual harassment and discrimination and spread awareness of the subject via the following measures:

  • Workshops
  • Short talks, panel discussions
  • Visiting team meetings or the like
  • Informative brochures
Informative Material  Please request by
Arranging an Appointment Please contact us be phone +49 241 80 93576 or by