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“Check Your Stereotypes!” – With this slogan, the large-scale anti-discrimination campaign run by the Equal Opportunity Offices of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences aims to raise awareness for different types of discrimination. Sexism, racism, classism, ableism, and cis heteronormativity can also be found in the university environment. This fact is to be made more visible and fought through the campaign. A colorful series of multifaceted posters designed by graphic artist Hélène Baum-Owoyele illustrates stereotypes, prejudices, and microaggressions that lead to discrimination, especially in everyday university life. All university members are thus encouraged to reflect on their own biases and stereotypes and, above all, to counteract discrimination of any kind at the university!

Five posters, using expressive motifs and offered in English and German, show what such university-related discrimination can look like.

  • Sexism: Due to established gender roles and the resulting cultural expectations, it is particularly difficult for fathers, for example, to take parental leave to any significant extent. On the other hand, women are often assumed to be unable or unwilling to pursue their careers due to family responsibilities.
  • Racism: People not perceived as “typically” German often have to explain where they “really” come from.
  • Classism: Often, students who are the first in their families to attend university cannot rely on their parents for help – neither for financial support nor for advice – because their family has no informal knowledge about higher education.
  • Ableism: Especially if they suffer from non-visible limitations, individuals often have to explain and defend alternative arrangements, which only adds to their burden.
  • Cis-heteronormativity: Individuals identifying as non-binary must repeatedly explain and constantly out themselves.

The posters will be displayed on the construction fence at Templergraben, directly across from the RWTH Main Building, from November 13, 2023, through February 2, 2024.

They will also be up on the walls in RWTH study spaces and libraries and in cafes and bars throughout the city.


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