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Operational Health Management Coordinator


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The world of healthcare is currently undergoing rapid change with digitalization. Let us take advantage of this and do something for our health!

University Health Management, UGM for short, in cooperation with our partner Techniker Krankenkasse, TK for short, and other partners, is offering many interesting, helpful, and inspiring virtual services.

Please note that the links listed below all take you to webpages that are only available in German.


eCHECKUP Alcohol

New Online Program for the Prevention of Risky Alcohol Consumption Among Students

The prevention offer eCHECKUP Alcohol allows students to get informed about the consequences of risky alcohol consumption and counteract the associated health damage at an early stage.This offer arose from a cooperation project with Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and BARMER and has been offered at RWTH Aachen University since 2022

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Mental Health

Our mental well-being is an important part of our health, as is our physical and social well-being. A wealth of information about mental health can be found at the following websites:

Short Clips: Mental Exercises for Focus

This series of short clips shows various mental exercises to help you focus. The clips only last a few minutes each and are ideal for small work breaks when working from home.

The videos were professionally recorded by Waltraud Friedrich (coach and expert for change management and resilience) in cooperation with Bielefeld University. The videos also have English subtitles.


Movement and Stress Management

Activation Videos From the University Sports Center

Student Advice Centre Offers

Video and audio tutorials on effective learning, relaxation, and activation

On Your Marks, Get Set: Sport!

You can find lots of different exercises to help you stay in shape, even when working or studying from home, presented in short clips on the University Sports page of Universität Hamburg.
They also have plenty of handy tips on making your workplace more ergonomic.

We would like to thank Universität Hamburg for sharing this great selection of videos with us.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mindfulness is much more than just a wellbeing trend. It is a way of being self-aware each and every moment and it also helps you to find more peace and calm.

Virtual Workshop on Meditation and Mindfulness

Body Scan by TK

Using mindfulness for more relaxation: (re)discover your body with the body scan offered by TK.

Body scan by TK

Further Offers by TK