Financial Funding for Participation in GAIN Annual Conference


18th Annual GAIN Conference, Boston, September 7 to 9, 2018: Stipend for participation by German universities


The German Academic International Network, GAIN for short, is holding its 18th annual conference from September 7 to 9, 2018, in Boston.

The conference's objective is to provide German researchers and scientists with the right tools and information about cooperation opportunities and possibilities for returning to Germany, connect them with representatives from politics, science, and industry, and provide an overivew of career prospects in Germany. About 400 researchers from all disciplines participate, with the natural and life sciences most strongly represented based on past years.

The German Rectors' Conference, HRK, wishes to gives its member universities the opportunity to personally meet German researchers in North America. Apply by April 12, 2018, for a travel stipend to participate in the annual conference. You can find further information on the HRK website.

If you have questions about the funding above, contact the HRK officers responsible for cooperations with North America: , phone +49 228 887 128 or , phone +49 228 887 121.