Changes to PROMOS Scholarships to Take Effect 2019


PROMOS scholarships have been expanded to include all countries outside of Europe. Funding of study trips will be based on meeting certain mandatory criteria. 


From 2019, stays at any country outside of Europe can be funded with PROMOS scholarships.This applies to students planning a semester abroad, a research stay, or an internship abroad. It also includes the study trips funding line. For study trips, the criterion that a new university/faculty partnership is to be established or an existing one be expanded is now mandatory, whereas it used to be optional. Visiting an institution already partnering with RWTH or at least a potential partner university is thus meant to be the focus of travel abroad.

The application deadline for both funding lines is December 1, 2018.

A detailed list of countries for which stays are funded as well as further information regarding the application process can be found on our RWTH website under PROMOS Study or Internship Abroad Scholarships and PROMOS Study Trips.