German Preparation Course at B2/C1 Level for Refugees Wanting to Study


RWTH Aachen University is offering a VBK I German Language Course that is open to refugees who want to take up studies in Germany. The course program starts in April 2022.


German Preparation Course at B2/C1 Level at the Language Center of RWTH Aachen University for refugees who want to take up studies in Germany

When? April 4 to July 8, 2022, Monday through Friday 9am to 12:30pm
Place It is currently not clear whether the course will be held in person or online. This information will be announced later.

Participants should meet the following conditions:

  1. Recognized refugee in Germany (or your application for refugee status is currently ongoing)
  2. Eligibility to enter a German university (either a school leaving certificate or a successfully completed degree program), and
  3. Certificated German language proficiency at B2.2 level
Course Contents

Repetition and consolidation of B2 level and expansion of knowledge through materials that go beyond B2

  • Skills training
    • Listening, reading, grammar
    • Writing and speaking
  • Taking short notes and transcripts
  • Writing training: writing texts according to instructions
  • Presentation exercises
  • Pronunciation training
  • Vocabulary development
  • Cultural knowledge of the country
  • Teaching and application of learning strategies
  • Guidance for self-learning

The application must be sent to no later than January 31, 2022.

Application Documents
  1. The fully completed application form
  2. Documents to prove that you are eligible to enter a German university (copy of the original school leaving certificates and academic transcripts and a translation in English and German)
  3. Letter of motivation: please provide a statement on why you want to complete the German language course at RWTH
  4. Copy of ID or passport (or equivalent)
  5. Copy of the residence permit (both pages), including a copy of your current address in Germany
  6. Certificates proving your current German language skills (completed B2.2 level)