Denise Fischer

  Denise Fischer Copyright: © Matthias Friel

PhD Candidate at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Group (WIN) at RWTH Aachen


Professor DUAN Zhirong, Tsinghua School of Economics and Management, Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy

Research Stay:

April 2015

Research Field:

Ms. Fischer´s doctoral thesis focuses on how entrepreneurs integrate concerns for sustainability such as poverty reduction, climate change and scarcity of resources into their start-up activities and thus become part of a sustainable entrepreneurship. During her stay, Ms. Fischer gained valuable insights into the discussion on sustainable entrepreneurship in China and in the international arena. She also had the opportunity to present her work at Tsinghua School of Economics.

I had the chance to present my work in a seminar at Tsinghua SEM. This was the most rewarding experience – I not only got feedback for my work and new contacts but also the opportunity to present my work to an international audience. On top of that, the exchange with my supervising professor was highly valuable. We plan to meet again on a conference this summer.

Denise Fischer