Capacity Building Working Group

  Globe showing Europe and Africa Copyright: Timo Merki

The need to address global challenges and collaborate with countries of the Global South is becoming increasingly important when it comes to issues that affect international university partnerships. This fact is also demonstrated by current strategies followed by various ministries and scientific organizations nationally and within the EU.


In its efforts to meet these responsibilities, RWTH is giving capacity building in international higher education collaboration a more central position within the University’s internationalization activities and is integrating it as a component of RWTH’s internationalization strategy. To this end, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs has established a cross-faculty working group that includes members from all across the academic spectrum – student to professor.

The working group seeks to bundle individual activities with Global South countries to date and make these partnerships a more prominent topic across RWTH. While encouraging communication between various members of the university’s academic hierarchy, it also invites external experts. The group has identified multiple target countries in two target regions – Africa and Eastern/Southeastern Europe – where university-wide collaborations are to be established and expanded.

RWTH aims to carry out these activities in a highly coordinated manner and establish partnerships that provide all of its Faculties and Departments points of contact and collaboration opportunities. The goal is also to obtain funding jointly, thus expanding collaborations with partners from the Global South countries guided by mutual interests.

The six target countries identified by the initiative are:

  • Ethiopia
  • Ghana
  • Namibia
  • Georgia
  • Ukraine
  • Moldova

Members of all RWTH Faculties and departments and from all across the academic spectrum are welcome to join the working group at any time. Please contact Dr. Daniel Holder, the working group coordinator, if you have any further questions.