International Students © Fabian Erler

About 12,000 people with an international background, from more than 125 countries, currently study, research, teach, and work at RWTH Aachen. This internationality lived out at RWTH Aachen is flanked by strategies, measures, and services for promoting the internationality of academics, teaching, and research.


While the globalization of the world advances, RWTH Aachen sees itself as an internationally active university. Thus, all institutes and areas inside the University must equally pursue and promote internationalization. The University's efforts are shaped by the expansion of internationally recognized top quality research and teaching and the demand to ensure that students are optimally prepared for life in a global world.

With eleven fields of action the strategy at hand describes the framework of internationalization at RWTH Aachen. It utilizes a holistic approach which aims to consistently implement measures and branch out in all ares of the University.


RWTH Aachen considers internationalization as a process which includes activities that increasingly overlap different fields, affecting all areas of the university.  Internationalization is not considered as an end in itself, but rather should increase the quality of research and teaching through internationally oriented measureas, and contribute to the reputation and better visibility of RWTH Aachen, in both the national and international spheres.  Internationalization, understood as a qualitative process both internally and externally, will change the university both in the short and long term.

The most important RWTH Aachen actors in the internationalization process are – in addition to those active in the faculties: