Gender and Diversity

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The promotion of gender and diversity is an explicit responsibility of the University’s management team. It is firmly anchored as a strategic, cross-sectional topic in the structure of the University.


As early as 2007, RWTH has committed itself to promoting gender and diversity through its “People Policy.” As part of Germany’s Excellence Initiative, strategies for the implementation of an equal-opportunity organizational culture have been developed.

With the aim of being a Place to Be, that is to offer national and international students and staff a highly attractive environment for work, learning, and research, the University welcomes diversity among its members and supports them in realizing their individual potential regardless of gender and socio-cultural background.

In recognition of the significance gender and diversity in science and research, RWTH has established two professorships with a focus on gender and diversity research: the Department of Gender and Diversity in Engineering and the Neuropsychology section at the RWTH Faculty of Medicine.


The equality initiatives at RWTH are coordinated by the Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Develpoment, who works in close collaboration with the Equal Opportunities Office and the Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD for short, a staff unit of the Rector’s Office. Since 1991, as part of her mandate, she has been involved in a number of decision-making processes and actively contributes to the implementation of equality measures across the University.

Since 2007, IGaD has been sensitizing individuals to the importance of embracing the differences between people and as well as giving impetus to the promotion of Gender and Diversity.

With the aim of placing the equal opportunities activities at a more strategic level, setting necessary priorities, and evaluating the implemented measures and their effects, both institutions joined forces to develop the Equal Opportunities Action Plan 2017 – 2022. Particular focus is placed on promoting equal opportunities in all areas of the University, protection against discrimination, and the facilitation of careers regardless of personal characteristics and life situations.

In accordance with the provisions of the NRW Equal Opportunities Act, the University is supported in its equality initiatives by the Equal Opportunities Committee of the University Senate.



Following a mandate from the Rector, IGaD is responsible for Diversity Management at RWTH Aachen University. Its activities are coordinated by the forumDIVERSITY, which consists of the Vice-Rector, IGaD, the Equal Opportunities Officers, the Staff Council, representatives from all administrative departments, as well as representatives from advisory and support bodies such as Operational Health Management and the student and employee disability offices.

RWTH, which has signed the Diversity Charta in 2009, views the diversity of all University members as potential and enrichment. It is committed to promoting a respectful and cooperative environment in everyday university life, ensuring protection against discrimination, and creating a lively, innovative organizational culture. RWTH seeks to realize equal opportunities in research, teaching and learning, and other areas, and it seeks to create a diverse and inclusive environment for study and work. A wide range of diversity measures contribute to achieving these goals.


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