Gender and Diversity

Cogwheel in front of the Sammelbau Maschinenbau RWTH Aachen

RWTH Aachen considers equality of opportunities and diversity among its members as crucial parts of an innovative and dynamic university which facilitate excellence in research and teaching.

Equality of Opportunities

Various individuals and institutions address the topics equal opportunities and gender equality at RWTH Aachen. Since 1991, gender equality between men and women has been promoted by the Equal Opportunities Officer. Due to their strong legal involvement and their participation in numerous decision-making processes, the Equal Opportunities Officer is an influential actor in the triangle of players, which also encompasses the Integration Team and the Gender Studies professorships named below.

Gender Studies

Gender (and Diversity) Studies are interdisciplinary fields of research. Gender Studies focus on the social and biological aspects of sex and gender role differentiation. Diversity Studies, by contrast, place special emphasis on the social and cultural diversity of human beings, that can find expression in categories such as ethnicity, religion, age, skin color, etc. We consider the diversity of research groups a prerequisite for finding solutions to today's complex, global problems.

RWTH Aachen recognizes the importance of gender aspects in research and teaching. Thus a Professorship of Sociology with a focus on gender and technology in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities was created, as well as the Division of Neuropsychological Gender Studies at University Hospital Aachen and a Professorship for Gender and Diversity in Engineering. Additionally gender studies is being expanded as an interdisciplinary research field at RWTH Aachen, through funds from the Excellence Initiative.

As part of the Excellence Initiative, the Rectorate has established a new staff unit concerned, the "Integration Team – Human Resources, Gender and Diversity Management." This staff unit is a point of contact for faculties and university institutions and can answer all questions and matters pertaining to gender and diversity.

Given the collaboration of the above named professorships and institutions, RWTH has provided a solid basis to promote the equality of opportunities and diversity at the University.

Through the collaboration and interaction of the three named areas, RWTH Aachen has created a good foundation for establishing equal opportunities and making diversity possible at the university. In doing so, RWTH Aachen reinforces its commitment to a respectful, common togetherness in everyday university life and underlines its involvement in the implementation of numerous gender and diversity measures.

Further Information

If you want to find out more about research projects in the arena of gender and diversity, please contact one of the three professors. Also, the website of the Virtual Project House for Gender and Diversity in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) provides you with further information on a broad range of interdisciplinary projects in the field.