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As a University of Excellence, RWTH is aware of its responsibility toward society and the environment. In close cooperation with the Rectorate, the Staff Unit: Sustainability and University Governance is working on recording and combining the existing activities in all three dimensions of sustainability – Environment, Economy, and Society – at RWTH in a structured manner.

Activities from the following areas will be presented in a sustainability report:

  Infographic on the topic of sustainability at RWTH
  • Teaching & Education
  • Research
  • Operations
  • Governance
  • Transfer

To this end, the staff unit promotes the networking of sustainable activities at RWTH in close cooperation with students, among other groups.

In the future, information, initiatives, and projects on the topic of sustainability will also be available here.

Alongside the structural process of integration, the staff unit supports the commitment and participation of all interested parties for the further development of sustainability at RWTH.


Development of a Sustainability Statement

RWTH’s sustainability statement is intended to highlight the University’s commitment to integrating sustainability in its everyday activities.

  • How do we at RWTH understand sustainability?
  • Who are our common sustainability goals?

The general aim of the statement is to promote a clear understanding of sustainability, enhance the community’s commitment to sustainable practices on campus, and foster University-wide dialogue about sustainability topics. The sustainability statement supports the positioning of RWTH Aachen University, including in the communication with external partners.

Based on an open deliberation process (April 9 to 15, 2021 and May 12 to 31, 2021), we have now updated the draft version of the sustainability statement. Upon consultation with all constituent groups of the University, the final statement will be presented to the University Senate for approval.


Sustainability Workshop at RWTH on March 8, 2021

At the workshop, more than 100 university members discussed the topic of sustainability at RWTH in four working groups:

  • Research – Science
  • Teaching & Learning – Studies
  • University Operations
  • International Affairs – Society – Social Matters

In addition to performing a SWOT analysis, each working group formulated objectives for a more environmentally sustainable University.

Following the workshop, the working groups will form so-called GreenTeams – the aim is to continue to integrate the expertise and impetus from the various University groups into the sustainability process.

All RWTH members are invited to become members of the Teaching & Research and the Operations GreenTeams. The topics of society, international affairs, and social issues will be discussed by both GreenTeams, so that these cross-sectional aspects are taken into account in all areas.

Everyone interested is invited to participate!

Workshop Summary (de)


We are always open to your feedback, questions, ideas, and initiatives.

We look forward to interacting with you!


Sustainability Sessions

  1. The Sustainability Sessions are an opportunity for all interested parties to get to know the staff unit and our sustainability efforts at RWTH.

    Due to the current situation, the sessions will be offered online. We are looking forward to talking to you about our work or offer you our support if you have an idea for a project. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions.

    The sessions take place every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm.

    Please register in advance by . Then we will gladly send you the link to log in. We are looking forward to talking about sustainability action with you.


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