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Everyday, university life poses a multitude of challenges to both students and employees. These challenges are often linked to high amounts of stress. RWTH Aachen is deeply committed to becoming a health-promoting university. Our goal is to support all of our members in sustaining and promoting health and well-being. 


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Julia Reißen

Occupational Health Management Coordinator


+49 241 80 95266



The Health Portal is an information platform for all members of university who would like to know more about the topic of health at RWTH, would appreciate a private consultation or are looking for work-life balance involving exercise and relaxation.

The coordinator of Operational Health Management welcomes your suggestions and questions at any time.


Focussing on Student Health

RWTH Aachen University and Techniker Krankenkasse have jointly launched a project to promote University Health Management or UGM for short. The aim is to strengthen health knowledge and skills among the entire university community, so that students, scholars, and staff can learn, teach, and work successfully in the long term.

With the implementation of a Student Health Management program, or SGM for short, the focus will initially be on the health of the students.



Announcement Target Group

Online Health Week From May 3 to 7, 2021

Every two years, RWTH dedicates an entire day to health. This year, it will be an entire week and the events will be virtual, so RWTH employees can also participate from their home office.


RWTH Team Challenge "Every Meter Counts"

Individuals and teams can count their steps and kilometers on 14 days in a six-month period starting May 3, 2021. The last possible entry day is October 18, 2021.


Wide Range of Exercise Classes

Whether you would like to do a short training session such as “Pausenexpress” or an intense workout: there are suitable sports activities on offer for everyone!

You can also find yoga, meditation, and much more on the website of the Allgemeiner Deutscher Hochschulsportsverband.

Further, you can find the daily live offer of the University Sports Center of RWTH under the same link or directly on the HSZ website.


Support From RWTH’s Psychosocial Counselling Service

The Psychosocial Counseling Center for Employees of RWTH and the Occupational Integration Management, BEM for short, offer telephone counseling, email counseling, and, in exceptional cases, also personal counseling.


Information on Staying Safe in the Pandemic

The Occupational And Radiation Protection Staff Unit regularly publishes important information on how to protect yourself and others from corona.


Join In!

Staff Survey on Mental Stress in the Workplace



Further Information Offers on the Topic of Health


Courses Promoting Good Health

Continuing Education Offerings