Family-Friendly University and Work Life Balance

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Better compatibility between family and career or studies – that is an important matter close to our hearts here at RWTH. Since 2009, the university has been certified by “audit familiengerechte hochschule” (family-friendly university audit) and has, after going through two re-auditings, developed and implemented diverse agreements on family-friendly objectives.

In 2018, RWTH Aachen University was permanently awarded the certificate for its long-term commitment to family-friendly working conditions and support for students with children. In a participatory, inclusive approach, processes and offerings that make it easier for employees and students to reconcile work and family life are reviewed, improved, and further developed.

Helping everyone follow their own design for their lives with respect to career or studies has to be seen as a vital contribution to furthering equality of opportunities for all within the University. Necessary prerequisites for securing family-friendly arrangements in all areas of RWTH are a family-conscious and equal opportunity focused attitude of all university employees and the responsible, sensitive handling of family-relevant topics.

In this spirit, RWTH Aachen has adopted a concept of family which takes its cue from the notion of social responsibility:


Family is wherever human beings want to be or are there for each other, regardless of their degree of kinship.


Family-friendly Leadership


As part of Staff Development, RWTH Aachen organizes continuing education offers or information events for the diverse target groups at university that also address the topic of work life balance.

Great emphasis is put on making management personnel sensitive to matters of work life compatibility, since they are the key actors in the implementation of family-friendly leadership after all.They are being supported in their leadership responsibilities by a guidebook of golden rules for family friendly management published by the Equal Opportunities Office and the Integration Team.

Every year the award FAMOS für FAMILIE, recognizes RWTH Aachen managers, who have already succeeded in providing better compatibility between family and career through a particularly family friendly management style.


Service for Families

Part of the Equal Opportunities Office is the Family Services Center team, which supports all the members of the unversity, by offering a broad spectrum of information, individualized, confidential counseling, as well as specific measures with regard to the topics of starting a family, studying as a parent, child care or caring for family members.


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