Honors Awarded to Our Graduates and Early-Career Researchers


RWTH celebrates its graduates with an annual Graduation Celebration held in the dressage stadium of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein. Around 5,000 people take part in this cross-faculty ceremony every year and enjoy the graduates' memorable entry into the dressage stadium, their recognition by the Rector and Chancellor of RWTH, by professors of the University, and by a keynote speech given by the current winner of the Aachen Engineering Award. Finally, the event finishes with a particular highlight, when around 1,500 graduates hurl their caps into the Aachen sky.

In addition, the best doctorates are honored with the Borchers' Plaque, the Springorum Memorial Coin is awarded for the best final theses, and the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize promotes research and teaching.


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