Culture Lab


The series "culture lab" builds the framework for diverse cultural events like exhibits, presentations, theater performances, and concerts by renowned artists, such as WDR Bigband, for instance. As the title of the series promises, even cultural experiments have a place in it.



With a program that is particularly attuned to the connection between music and science, the RWTH Aachen symphony orchestra enters right into students' every-day and university lives with the concert series "Einstein's Music Box." These concerts are an inspiration to students as well as to other young people who are headed to university in the future. WDR Big Band is known to be one of the best ensembles of its kind worldwide. Its musical profile is constantly being challenged within a wide musical spectrum – true to the motto: "Musical limits are musical challenges."

Music Lab

For quite a few years now, RWTH Aachen has collarborated closely with the Aachen Symphony Orchestra. The Year of Science 2016 was a good opportunity to further this collaboration with a new event series. The result is Music Lab, a concert series in which the symphony orchestra, conducted by Kazem Abdullah, performs in the machine hall of various institutes. In this way, music and science are connected in a unique manner, while at the same time, visitors are allowed a glimpse at internationally renowned research facilities.

Lectures, Talks and Discussions

As part of the series "Culture LAB," lectures, talks and discussions are also offered in several different formats. One of these is "La cuisine du poète," which is a series of lectures on diverse French artists and writers. During the lecture, a four-course dinner is served in the Couven museum ballroom.


A manner of diverse exhibitions are also being offered. For example, from April to August 2016, the exhibition entitled "Mies and the heritage of modernism" addressed the ways of preserving the historic buildings designed by the Aachen-born architect Mies van der Rohe in a manner concordant with their value to Aachen's cultural heritage. in addition, other exhibitions were held, such as "From idea to insight," in which eleven outstanding research projects and their creative solutions to problems were presented, or the exhibition entitled "Shock – Fear – Euphoria: The beginnning of war 1914 in Aachen."