Uni at City Hall


The event series Uni at City Hall, hosted by the city and university, is open to all citizens of Aachen: Current topics and controversial issues are discussed by well-known experts in science and society. This takes place in the form of a panel discussion moderated by WDR journalist Jens Tervooren.

Feel free to ask questions, take a stand and join in the discussion!


A Selection of Past Events


  • AI and Me - How Do We Already Face Artificial Intelligence in Our Everyday Life?


  • Cashless Payments – Time to Eliminate Hard Cash?
  • From Ambulance Drone to Air Taxi – An Urban Mobility Revolution?


  • The CRISPR Gene Revolution – Curse or Blessing?
  • Universal Basic Income – Dream of an Independent Life?
  • Telemedicine – An Everyday Reality Or Still a Dream?


  • Zero Waste – Is it Possible to Live Without Waste?
  • Science for Peace – Why Researchers Create – and Need – Peace


  • US Election – Trump or Clinton?
  • Violence and Terror – What Is Our Society Drifting Towards?