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RWTH Aachen shapes the profile of the city not only with its scientific accomplishments and innovations, but also with its research clusters, historical memorials, buildings.

Get an interesting look at current research and trend-setting education. Take in a little of the international history of science and local university development. Learn about protected historical buildings and the most modern architecture, or take a look behind the scences and check out products and processes.


The highlights of the tours are located around RWTH Aachen in the city center and on Campus Melaten. Within the city center, focus is placed on historical buildngs such as the Main Building and the Audimax, the modern SuperC, and student life. On Campus Melaten, topic-specific clusters are presented and the group tours the campus boulevard, getting an overview of current construction projects.

Important Details
Number of Participants 10 maximum per group
Duration about 60 to 90 minutes
Dates upon request
Tour Guides Philippe Bourmer, Felix Engelhardt, Philipp Hofmann, Farina Passenheim, Kang Qiu, Florian Renneberg and Janina Rinkens.
Languages English or German
Cost per group
E1 = Campus Central 75.00 Euros
E2 = Campus Melaten 75.00 Euros
E1 and E2 = Combination tour 90.00 Euros
BT = bus tour of the entire campus 100.00 Euros

Changes to the reservation can be made up to a week before the tour for a fee of 11,90 Euros. If the tour is not cancelled, the amount must be paid in full.

Tour groups may inquire about visiting an institute. In the event that the group does visit an institute, a fee of 11,90 Euros is charged.


We will gladly take your wishes into consideration or prepare individual tours for groups in collaboration with the International Office, Alumni, or Student Advice Centre.


Additional Offers

You can immerse yourself in the history of RWTH Aachen by visiting the University Archives. There you get to know more about the location of the archive, the Old Government Building at Theaterplatz, and the everyday activities of the archivists. Take a look at the numerous documents and exhibits of the University Archives that keep the history of the university alive and in our memory. Access to the archives is by appointment only.