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Excellence Initiative, Campus, research funding - RWTH Aachen enjoys a outstanding reputation.  Find out why companies value an RWTH Aachen education so much or get to know the strategy and concept for the future of teaching and research.

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Gender & Diversity

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RWTH Aachen University acknowledges the integration of equality and diversity among its stakeholders as crucial parts of an innovative and dynamic university which facilitate excellence in research and teaching.

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Rankings are a popular method of indicating the performance and capabilities of universities and comparing them with each other. In many national and international rankings, RWTH can achieve outstanding results.

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Facts & Figures

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How many students has RWTH Aachen had over so many years? How many employees at the university make sure that everything goes smoothly from enrollment to research proposals? Current statistics, trends, and developments.

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Research Core Dataset and Research Information System

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In order to establish the reporting standard Research Core Dataset that is recommended by the German Council of Science and Humanities, and at the same time to present important data on the University's research activities to the outside world, RWTH is currently introducing a research information system.

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More than 6500 people with an international background, from more than 120 countries, currently study, research, teach, and work at RWTH Aachen. This internationality lived out at RWTH Aachen is flanked by strategies, measures, and services for promoting the internationality of academics, teaching, and research.

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Entrepreneurial University

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The well-established interaction of technology scouting and consulting structures resulted in RWTH being ranked the best university for start-ups in the 2023 German Start-up Monitor.

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One of the most important concerns of quality assurance and increase of teaching and learning is the increased contentment of students. Find out about the goals and get to know the various instruments for quality management.



2022 University Development Plan

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As the University’s key strategy document, the University Development Plan sets the guidelines for future strategic decisions and structural planning.

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Teaser: Family Friendly University & Work Life Balance

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Are you studying or working at RWTH Aachen and have small children?  Find out about childcare at our university.  From U3 groups to daycares to free time during vacation periods, you can expect a broad program of services.

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Parent-Child Groups

Every semester, the Family Services Center, part of the Equal Opportunities Office, offers a parent-child group for members of RWTH Aachen, in collaboration with Student Services.

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Famos für Familie

RWTH Aachen places great importance on human resources management that is family friendly. For this reason, the University's Family Services Center annually awards a prize for managers, who particularly work for family friendly work conditions.

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International Family Events

The Family Services Center and International Office hold an international family breakfast with a cozy atmosphere twice a year.  Childcare during the breakfast is provided for free.

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Väterarbeit Project

Whichever father wants to actively raise his children should be able to do this at RWTH Aachen. The university supports the Väterarbeit Project for this reason.

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Social Media

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You can also stay in contact with RWTH Aachen throgh social networks.  We have compiled our official pages, groups, and channels here.

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Let yourself go on an exciting trip through the history of RWTH Aachen.  The University Archives has compiled its own, as well as from external sources, pictures and documents, to illustrate the history of RWTH Aachen.

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Aachen Engineering Award

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The Aachen Engineering Award will be awarded by RWTH Aachen and the City of Aachen for the first time on September 5, 2014. This year's recipient is Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner.

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