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Dancing robots © Copyright: Stadt Aachen/Andreas Steindl

Public Science Events

Visitors at Science Night © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Science Night

Science for all in an unusual form at an unusual time.

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Knowledge Hub

Knowledge transfer to society: Transparently communicating our researchers' work.

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A person mailing an envelope through a box © Copyright: Martin Braun

Feedback on Our Science Events (and Other Events)

We would like to hear your feedback, experiences, and suggestions!

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Get to Know the University

Woman smiling at the camera © Copyright: Peter Winandy

All About RWTHextern

This event format offers a comprehensive semester program for all local residents.

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President of France Emmanuel Macron at RWTH Aachen University © Copyright: Andreas Steindl

RWTHextern Event Series

RWTHextern Citizens' Forum successfully builds a bridge between the university and citizens in the region with its comprehensive semester program. Everyone is welcome to attend the events.

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People on a campus tour © Copyright: Peter Winandy

RWTHextern Tours

Different discovery tours are available on the University's campus areas.

Honors Awarded to Our Graduates and Early-Career Researchers

© Copyright: Kurt Beyer

Graduation Celebration

RWTH's annual graduation celebration is the time when we honor our graduates. Around 5,000 people celebrate across faculties in the dressage stadium of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein, and it all starts with an impressive procession into the stadium.

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The Borcher's plaque in small display boxes laid out on a table © Copyright: Kurt Beyer

Borchers' Plaque

The plaque honors the best doctoral candidates at RWTH.

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Open cases, each containing a coin and the slogan "ProRWTH" © Copyright: Kurt Beyer

Springorum Commemorative Coin

This coin recognizes the best final theses.

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Many people on a stage, some holding certificates in their hands © Copyright:

Friedrich Wilhelm Prize

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Awards from RWTH and the City of Aachen

Dr. Melanie Maas-Brunner holding a sculpture in her hands © Copyright: Heike Lachmann

Aachen Engineering Award

This award is presented to an individual who has made a significant contribution to the perception and/or further development of engineering.

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Special Awards and Honors From RWTH

View into the lobby of the RWTH Main Building © Copyright: Martin Braun

Academic Honors

By awarding honors and distinctions RWTH Aachen University  wishes to strengthen the university community.

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Two women standing on a stage, smiling into the camera © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

Brigitte Gilles Prize

The prize honors initiatives and projects promoting women's advancement.

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Two people holding up a certificate in their hands smiling at the camera © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

Teaching Award

This award recognizes outstanding commitment to teaching.

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Professor Ute Habel, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, presents Dr Alexander Birich with the IntSpire award in January 2024. © Copyright: Andreas Schmitter


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© Copyright: Andreas Schmitter

Innovation Award

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Special RWTH Events

Three women drawing the number 150 in the air with sparklers © Copyright: Martin Braun

RWTH Anniversary

RWTH turned 150 in 2020.

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Lecture hall inside Carl © Copyright: Peter Winandy

Next Generation University

With collective intelligence for tomorrow's world.

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An audience in Aula I of the Main Building looking at a screen © Copyright: RWTH Aachen

RWTHtransparent Event

RWTHtransparent presents the University's key figures, facts, and highlights from the past year to guests in a celebratory annual review.

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RWTH Visual and Audio Clips

Cameras in a stadium for the Graduation Celebration © Copyright: Kurt Beyer

Inspiring insights into RWTH