Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability Strategy - Objectives, indicators and measures for a more sustainable RWTH.

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Sustainability Report

Two people are sitting at a desk with a tablet, laptop and documents showing diagrams. © Copyright: Martin Braun

The first sustainability report of RWTH Aachen University clearly presents the existing structures, current developments, selected example projects and key figures for sustainable development in the various fields of action.

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Sustainability Mission Statement

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The entire University's shared commitment to sustainable action.

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Digital Map

Section of the Digital Sustainability Map © Copyright: RWTH Aachen

Graphical overview of sustainable projects and groups at RWTH Aachen University.

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Internal and external networks and cooperations with a focus on sustainability.

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Sustainable Operations

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Our goal is to make the operations of RWTH more sustainable, to reduce our consumption of environmental resources in the pursuit of climate neutrality, and to actively shape a responsible and inclusive University culture.


Sustainability in Research

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Our goal is to make our research more sustainable, to embed the topic of sustainability in all faculties and Profile Areas, to be involved in research projects, and to provide solutions for a sustainable transformation of our society.

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Sustainability in Teaching and Learning

Students sitting in a lecture hall © Copyright: Mario Irrmischer

Our goal is to make our teaching and learning more sustainable, to embed the topic of sustainability in all courses of study, and to focus more strongly on empowering our learners and instructors to use innovative ideas to drive the development of solutions.

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Sustainability in the Internationalization Strategy

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RWTH's International Office is working on aligning its own activities, projects, and programs with RWTH's Sustainability Mission Statement and minimizing the conflict of goals between international mobility and sustainability as much as possible.

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Help Build a Sustainable RWTH

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Tips for everyday work, support opportunities for sustainable projects and measures, opportunities to participate and get informed.

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RWTH sustainability news from the Sustainability and University Governance staff unit.

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Explanations on individual topics or answers to questions that have been asked regularly.

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Small (behavioral) changes can make a big difference – we are happy to provide you with various pieces of information for download here.

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