Haus Königshügel

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Haus Königshügel and Its History

Currently used as an RWTH Aachen guesthouse, Haus Königshügel was originally built in 1913 and 1914 as a villa for Aachen manufacturers Leo and Elisa Lammertz. A foundation stone in the outside wal of the terrace with the date 27.9.1913 remembers the house's groundbreaking, planned by architect Carl Sieben.

At the time, the entire piece of land between Maastrichter Straße and Melatener Straße belonged to the villa. In 1953, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia acquired possession of the property. A part of the property, used as a park until then, was developed with an institute building and has since been used by the Institute for High Voltage Technology and the Institute for Communications Engineering. The Haus Königshügel itself was first occupied by the Institute for Aeronautical and Space Engineering.

Renovation in 2005

Since the renovation in 2005, the upper floor of the Haus Königshügel has been available to RWTH Aachen guests as single and double rooms. Furthermore, the building is used for university institute events, such as exhibits, workshops, meetings, and receptions of the Rector's Office.

Diverse Use

Rooms in the Haus Königshügel can also be used for university institution events such as exhibits, workshops, and the signing of contracts. The fireplace and parkett rooms are suitable for up to 120 people, with furnishings about 80 people. The Club Room offers space for about 20 people.