Employment as a Researcher at RWTH Aachen University



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Step 1: Application

Do you want to work at RWTH Aachen University as a researcher? Find the job that's right for you in our job database.

Open positions will be advertised and filled by the respective University institution, for example the departments of the faculties. Applications are to be submitted to the institution specified in the job posting.


Step 2: Recognition of International Degrees

If you have a university degree from an institution outside of Germany, RWTH first needs to confirm its formal equivalence to a German university degree. The university institution that intends to employ you will send a request to Division 2.1 Admissions and Social Affairs for an evaluation. Please submit the following documents to your prospective institute or department as soon as possible:
Your CV – personal data sheet (usually included in the application)
Copies of all foreign university degree certificates (in English or German translation by a translator sworn to a German court)
Copies of academic records listing subjects as well as grades / Transcripts of Academic Records for all academic degrees (in English or German translation by a translator sworn to the German court)

(Helpful tip: Do you need a certified translation of your documents, such as a marriage certificate, birth certificate, or diplomas? On the website of the professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany and on Justiz-Dolmetscher, the Database of translators and interpreters created by the State Justice administrations, you can use the search engine to find suitable translators in North Rhine-Westphalia and nationwide).

Step 3: New Hire Forms and Documents

The human resources department will provide you with the forms and documents required for the hiring process. Please complete these forms and return them together with any additional documents requested. This allows us to prepare the employment contract. Please submit only copies of your documents at this point, but make sure to bring the originals to your new hire appointment with the HR department to have them authenticate the copies.


Step 4: Additional New Hire Formalities

After your arrival in Aachen, you need to accomplish the following tasks before you can sign your employment contract:

  • Undergo a health check at the University Medical Center
  • Register your new address with the local Residents' Registration Office
  • Apply for a certificate of good conduct at the Bürgerservice, a so-called Führungszeugnis, which is to be sent straight to HR (Please use their address for this Type 'O' Führungszeugnis, a type of certificate specifically for German authorities)
  • Apply for a tax identification number with the Bürgerservice, unless you were already assigned one during prior employment in Germany
  • Take out German health insurance with a statutory provider of your choice
  • Open a bank account with a German, or possibly European, bank of your choice
  • For non-EU foreigners: apply for a residence permit at the local immigration office

Step 5: Signing the Employment Contract

Welcome to the team!

From now on you will receive your salary wired to the bank account on file with the Human Resources Department. You can obtain the pay slip or pay notification from the State Office for Pay and Pensions (LBV). This provides you with detailed information on the calculation of your salary and, as the case may be, any deductions or back pay. You will only receive a letter automatically if there has been a change from the previous month. Download the explanations to Understanding your Payslip to see exactly how your salary is made up.