Documents and Translations



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You should bring the following documents with you for your research stay in Aachen:

  • A valid passport or ID (must be valid for the entire duration of your stay here)
  • If applicable: a valid entry visa
  • Passport photos for IDs and documents ideally biometric passport photos
  • Proof of adequate funds (e.g. scholarship, salary from your home country, employment confirmation from your Human Resources Department) in German or English
  • A signed CV and evidence of employment and activities after graduation (the Human Resources Department needs these documents if you are being hired by the University)
  • Proof of health insurance in German or English with confirmation of your monthly contributions
  • Original or certified copies of your university degree certificate as well as lists of subjects and grades translated into German or English
  • If your family is joining you:
    • A marriage certificate (German translation by an officially sworn translator or one sworn in by a German court)
    • German translations of your children’s birth certificates (if necessary, certified with an apostille or legalization)
    • Important: depending on the country of issue, certificates may require an apostille or legalization.
  • If applicable, an international vaccination certificate and other relevant medical documents
  • If applicable, an international driver‘s license

Certified Translations

You must have certificates and documents required for official purposes (e.g. enrollment, registration of residence, etc.) translated by a sworn translator.

Some documents need to be translated by translators who are sworn in by a German court. Use the search option on the website of the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators as well as the Justice Interpreters and Translators website to find sworn translators.

If you have received official translations from your home university, e.g. of your list of subjects and grades, this may be sufficient for enrolment or the equivalence certificate. Please ask whether a translation by an officially sworn translator is still also required well ahead of time.