Retirement and Social Security


Social Security Contributions

If you have an employment agreement with RWTH Aachen, you must pay social security contributions in Germany. If you are on scholarship, this does not apply to you.

In Germany, there are legally set contributions to the various social security components like health care, nursing care, retirement, unemployment. Employers and employees each pay half of the fee.

As soon as you have started work, your host institute will take the necessary steps to register for insurance. The human resources office registers you with the health insurance company of your choice, which then takes care of the retirement and unemployment insurance. The employer is responsible for paying the fees. Every month, the fee is withheld from your pay. The withheld fee can make up anywhere from 25 to 50 percent of your salary.

Whether or not you have a right to your retirement contributions after your contract ends at RWTH, depends on how long you paid the contribution, among other things. Because guest researchers tend to have a rather brief stay here, they typically cannot get any of their retirement or unemployment contributions back.