Checklist: Formalities at a Glance


For all

Register your residence at the Citizens' Service Office/Residents' Registration Office within a week after your arrival (further information: Registering your Address).

If you will be hired as a research assistant / member of academic staff

If you register your residence at the Citizens’ Service Office/ Residents' Registration Office, you can simultaneously apply for a certificate of good standing, which you need to submit to the Department of Human Resources during the hiring process. You can give the following as the employer address:

RWTH Aachen
Abteilung 8.1
52056 Aachen

You should immediately go to the Department of Human Resources after your arrival. There you will receive confirmation of your appointment, which you will need to submit to the Immigration Office when requesting your residence permit. You will also receive a list of documents that you will need to submit to complete the hiring process.

  • Take out health insurance; you will receive the social insurance certificate required for the hiring process from your health insurance company
  • Open a bank account as soon as possible
  • Using the appointment confirmation from the HR Office, you can apply for a residence permit with the Immigration Office. You should do so within two days after having registered your address. If you are a foreign national of a member state of the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, or Norway you do not need to obtain a residence permit. You only need the registration certificate issued by the Residents' Registration Office.

We advise you also to take out personal liability insurance.


If you have a scholarship or if you are funding your stay using your own financial means

  • take out health insurance or get hold of a combined health, accident, and liability insurance package
  • open a bank account as soon as possible
  • apply for a residence permit in due course.

Further Formalities